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Marine Research Platform

Åland University of Applied Sciences has received funding for a project aiming to develop a mobile marine research platform during 2016-2018. Part of the funding is from the European Regional Development Fund. Read more...


World Robotic Sailing Champions

After a troublesome start in last week’s World Robotic Sailing Championship in Mariehamn, Åland Sailing Robots ended up as the winners! See the Championship scores here. Many thanks to our sponsors and all people...


Test sailing June 26 2015

We went for a six hour sailing before this weekend. It was an eventful day, we sailed out through Mariehamn’s western harbour and to Lagneskärsbukten where we sailed for a few hours. The purpose...


Test Sailing 28.05.2015

We went out test sailing today, and what a great day we got. The sun was shining a little bit windy but our Sailing boat worked fine and got to the sail point like...


Due to security problems we have closed our previous web page. Welcome to the new page we are building, where we will be able to present more news to you in an easier way.