Presented at Oceans’17 MTS/IEEE Aberdeen:
A marine research ASV utilizing wind and solar power, Anna Friebe, Mikael Olsson, Maël Le Gallic, Jordan Less’ard Springett, Kjell Dahl and Matias Waller, 2017 (contact us for full text)

Presented at the 10th Symposium on High-Performance Marine Vehicles – “Technologies for the Ship of the Future”:
Cable Towing with an Autonomous Sailboat (pdf), Elouan Autret, Anna Friebe, Kjell Dahl and Matias Waller, 2016

Presented at the 9th International Robotic Sailing Conference:
Free Rotating Wingsail Arrangement for Åland Sailing Robots, Teo Enqvist, Anna Friebe and Florian Haug, 2016 (contact us for full text)

Presented at the 8th International Robotic Sailing Conference:
Modeling and control for an autonomous sailboat: A case study, Jon Melin, Kjell Dahl and Matias Waller, 2015 (contact us for full text)

SWARMON – Real time localization system, Benoit Bourdon, Jean-Jacques Boye, Quentin Descours, Bastien Drouot, Olivier Reynet and Thibault Viravau, 2015 (contact us for full text)

Presented at 14th International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries:
Challenges for autonomous sailing robots, Ronny Eriksson and Anna Friebe, 2015

Presented at the 7th International Robotic Sailing Conference:
Power Management Strategies for an Autonomous Sailboat, Kjell Dahl, Anton Bengsén and Matias Waller, 2014 (contact us for full text)

Master’s thesis from Uppsala University:
Modeling, control and state-estimation for an autonomous sailboat, Jon Melin, 2015

Final report for Bachelor’s level, Aberystwyth University:

Local Navigation For Autonomous Sailboats (pdf), Jordan Less’ard-Springett, 2017

Bachelor’s thesis from Åland University of Applied Sciences, in English:

Wingsail Arrangements for Robotic Sailboat, Teo Enqvist, 2016

Bachelor’s theses from Åland University of Applied Sciences, in Swedish:


Motorsystem: Roderstyrning av autonom segelrobot, Morgan Frank


Styranordning för autonoma segelbåtar, (Control device for autonomous sailboats), Nico Lehtilä and Fredrik Lamberg

Tillverkning av komponenter för robotsegelbåt (Manufacturing of components for robotic sailboat), Christian Gröndahl and Fridolf Holmström


Skrovbygget av Mini Finn Flyer (Hull Construction of Mini Finn Flyer), Madeleine Hägerlid and Otto Ohlsson

Elproduktion och elsystem för segelrobotar (Electric generation and electrical systems for sailing robots), Tom  Mattsson and Joakim Hägglund

Styrenhet för segelrobot (Control unit for sailing robots), Anton Bengsén

Med robotsegelbåt till Sverige – Vaddå, utan besättning? (Sailing a robot to Sweden – What, without a crew?), Andreas Enqvist and Daniel Henriksson


Kommunikation inom Åland Sailing Robots (Communication for Åland Sailing Robots), Sam Bergholm

Hur sker sponsring på Åland idag? Case Åland Sailing Robots (How is sponsoring implemented on the Åland Islands today?), Christoffer Eriksson and Harry Rönnberg